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What the delegates said about our ESD Seminar: Achieving a highly effective ESD programme


13th-14th November 2012


"Worthwhile to anyone that needs more knowledge of ESDprograms and auditing in their job role ."

Chris Calvert. GE Aviation. UK


22nd-23rd May 2012


"The explanations were crystal clear and very useful.."

Julio Alves, Bosch Car Multimedia, Portugal.

'"Excellent and informative seminar."

Jason Reeve. EDF. UK


1st - 2nd November 2011


"Your technical explanations were clear and therefore the practical sessions were a breeze."

Xanadu Hewitt, Overview Ltd

'"Very enjoyble 2 days. Would come again."

Melanie Henry, TMD Technologies Ltd

'"It gave me a good understanding of how a workstation surroundings can be directly and indirectly affected by ESD."

Simon Parkes, Treston Ltd

'"The pace of the course and topics covered were good/relevant and my understanding solidified by the practical exercises."

Melvern Bedford, Treston Ltd


10th-11th May 2011


"Covered all my requirements. Recommended. "

Mike Stukins, MBDA (UK) Ltd

"Thorough and informative course."

Daniel Day, Elster Metering Ltd


2nd-3rd November 2010


"An enjoyable and stimulating seminar which has vastly improved my understanding of ESD. "

Steve Light , Astrium Portsmouth.


27th-28th April 2010


"Answered all the questions that I brought along and clarified all the others . "

Susan Leahey, Renishaw

"Delivered well by a tutor with an exceptional depth of knowledge on the subject. "

Name withheld, MBDA (UK) Ltd


17th-18th November 2009


"It was an excellent course. I learned a lot. We had many useful discussions. Very good practical training. "

L. Anfinsen. Heli-one (Norway)
Engineer/ESD Coordinator

"For people they think they know about ESD puts issues into perspective, for people they do not know a lot gives them a very good foundation "

ESD Products user and supplier

"This course was very helpful, friendly and relaxed "

Training Supervisor

"Excellent. Very interesting and informative, not just for the people who think they know ESD. You can never know everything."

S. Dinsley. Heli-One (Norway)
Avionic Technician/ESD Trainer

12th-13th May 2009


"I enjoyed the course and felt it gave me a good understanding of the ESD risks present in our facility"

John Mitchel. Briton EMS Ltd

"Thought provoking. There is more to ESD than meets the eye."

Christopher Martin. Sonardyne International Ltd

"Well balanced format catering for all levels."

Steve Adelsbury. Atlantic Inertial Systems



11th-12th November 2008


"I found the information extremely helpful & beneficial and provided me with an excellent baseline for taking on the role of an ESD Coordinator."

Gordon Hunt, Thales Air Defense Ltd.

"Dispelled some of the urban myths of ESD. A thoroughly worth while course. "

Martin Hodges, MBDA Stevenage.

"Enjoyable course in pleasant surroundings."

Gary Reeve, E2V Technologies, Chelmsford

An enjoyable, concise and very informative seminar for beginnners or experts."

Michael Aston, E2V Technologies

20-21st May 2008


"A well presented and informative course"

Paul Gibbons, MBDA Missile Systems

"A good insight into the issues surrounding ESD phenomena"

Matt Simmons, Enterpise Control Systems

"As a supplier I found these a useful insight into the equipment and gained excellent knowledge of how ESD affects manufacturing sites"

Name not supplied, 3M

"Most informative - I now have the information I need to handle my clients ESD queries with confidence!"

Name not supplied

"Had all my questions on ESD answered. Was worth my time attending."

Craig Waddon, Oxford Instruments

"Every company that uses ESD sensitive components will benefit from this course to become more ESD aware"

Bushra Khan, Cummins Turbo Technology

"A highly informative and useful seminar"

J T Lee, Treston Ltd

"Held my interest with good content throughout the course enabling to take on the role of ESD Coordinator/consulant in my workplace"

P Wyatt, Vertu (Division of Nokia)


13th June 2007 1 Day Intensive on-site


"Useful hands-on approach really gets the message across. "

I. Francis, Freescale


1st-2nd May 2007


A well presented course, delivered at a good pace. The content included classwork, demonstrations and practical work which helped greatly with my undestanding of the topics introduced.

John Rainsley, EADS Astrium.

I found the seminar enjoyable and useful, and would recommend this to my colleagues. The live demonstrations I found particularly helpful and the hands-on, on the 2nd May was enjoyable and helpful.

Tim Mavrikos, Detika.

Seminar provided insight into ESD. Combined with practical work provided hands-on understanding. Excellent value for money.

Dr. David Osborne, TRW OSS Ltd.


22nd March 2007 1 Day Intensive on-site


We had the best man for the job. He knows his subject in great detail and is a good presenter.

R English, MBDA

Excellent for all levels .

Name not supplied, MBDA


5th/6th April 2006


Good hands on relevant training!

R McLean. BAe Systems

Normally people would consider ESD training as boring. This course was far from that. Excellent.

(Name & Co. withheld)

Interesting experiments

A Lambert. Ishida Europe Ltd.

Very informative. It gave me the skills I need.

A Clarke. Oxford Instruments.

ESD raining in a relaxed freindly environment.

A Liles. SJM Eurostat

A good insight into the Coordinators function.

K Thompson. SJM Eurostat.


13th/14th July 2005


"A good mix of demonstrations, practical and theory maintaining focus in an effective and enjoyable way "

Richard Walton, Prism Electronics Ltd

"Best ESD Seminar "

Michael Ganner, NRS Ltd

"Very informative, with practical demonstrations. "

Paul Snowdon, Renishaw

"Very interesting and informative seminar "

John Lambie, Communicaid.

"A good investment for your business "

Paul Jackman, GKN Aerospace

13th/14th April 2005


"Essential for everybody involved in electronics, a very real practical practical demonstration of the risk in the real world"

Andrew McEvoy, BAE Systems

13th/14th July 2004


"The demonstrations helped to illustrate the need for ESD protection"

Howard Butler, BAE Systems

"Very informative and well worth the effort of attending"

Niel Cooksey, BAE Systems

"Interesting presentation backed up with hands-on experience. Overall excellent"

Jim Fisher, Freescale Semiconductor


25th/26th Feb 2004


"From nil knowledge to budding expert in two days"

Richard Turpin, Oxford Magnet Technology

"I can now see what I couldn't see!"

Mark Smith, Oxford Magnet Technology

"A most enjoyable course"

Andy Baldwin, General Dynamics UK Ltd.

"I now have an in depth knowledge of the problems and feel armed with a sound strategy to combat them"

Keith Arber, BAE Systems Avionics

"Seeing the trees through the forest"

Koen Devolder, Melexis


July 15th-16th 2003


"If you're an ESD Coordinator, this course is for you"

E Flynn. MBDA (UK) Ltd.

"Relaxed and informative"

R Brook. Baxall Ltd

"Definitely an eye-opener"

G Parvin. AMS Ltd.

"The practical demos gave an insight into how static charges can be generated easily in ways never thought of."

M Edwards. IR Automotive Ltd.

"I am new to this subject and I found Jeremy's view very interesting"

R Aspinall. MBDA

"Eye opening!"

S Munroe. Communicaid Ltd.

"A very valid and informative well run seminar."

M Jones. ICR Ltd.


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Achieving a highly effective ESD Program

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The Reality of ESD

On-site seminar for personnel who need ESD awareness training.

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The Reality of ESD - Refresher

A shorter version of our Reality of ESD seminar - great for refresher training, but also good as an introductory seminar.

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