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Updated December 2023

This article gives an overview of the 61340-5-1:2016 ESD standard and its User Guide 61340-5-2. The 61340-5-1 standard has nearly the same requirements as ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.

Overview of 61340-5-1

The IEC 61340-5-1 standard Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena General Requirements was developed from earlier Standards including EN100015 and ANSI/ESD S20.20. It is accompanied by a User Guide IEC 61340-5-2, which gives a lot of additional information to help the non-specialist implement 61340-5-1. As a IEC documents, they have world-wide applicability in IEC member countries where they have been adopted. An unofficial harmonisation with ESD S20.20 has occurred, and so the requirements current versions of 61340-5-1 and 20.20 are nearly the same. There are some differences, however, and the user should always refer to the original standards when qustions of compliance arise, especially as they are both updated from time to time.

In Europe, the 61340-5-1&2 documents have been adopted by CENELEC as EN61340-5-1 and EN 61340-5-2. In the UK they become BS EN 61340-5-1 and PD IEC/TR 61340-5-2. The 61340-5-1 General Requirements document contains requirements for compliance which are considered mandatory, while the contents of 61340-5-2 User Guide only has the status of guidance or recommendations. 

The 61340-5-1 expects the user to write their own ESD Control Program Plan to cover ESD control in their facility and processes. Some of the technical requirements of 61340-5-1 may be found on technical grounds to be unnecessary or irrelevant to a particular facility, installation or process, and may be omitted or modified. The process of deciding and documenting this is called "tailoring". Tailoring decisions must be fully documented in the ESD Program Plan. 

There are four main requirements in 61340-5-1 which are concerned with planning and documenting the ESD program. There must be four Plans

  • ESD Control Program Plan
  • Compliance Verification Plan
  • ESD Training Plan
  • ESD Control Product Qualification Plan

There is also a requirement that an ESD Coordinator is appointed with responsibility for implementing the requirements of the standard.

IEC61340-5-1 specifies technical requirements for the design, use and control of a protected area so that electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDS), having sensitivity of 100V (Human Body Model test, HBM) and 200 V Charged Device Model (CDM) or higher, can be handled with minimal risk of damage from procurement through to end of life. ESD risks from conductors charged up to ± 35 V are also covered. The technical requirements of the standard cover

  • The electrostatic protected area (EPA) including requirements for protective equipment, construction of the EPA, working practices, and field work
  • Grounding and bonding systems
  • Personal grounding
  • Training requirements
  • Compliance Verification (test, measurement and auditing)
  • ESD control product qualification
  • ESD protective packaging
  • marking (for ESD control purposes)

The compliance verification test methods previously in 61340-5-1 have now been documented in another standards IEC 61340-5-4, and ESD packaging is covered in IEC 61340-5-3. So, it can be very useful to also have these documents for reference.


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